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EUROLABWith its testing expertise and state-of-the-art accredited laboratory network, it provides testing, analysis, product development, quality control and certification services, supporting you throughout the entire product value chain and positioning you in the best way within your industry.

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EUROLABis among the leading companies in its sector, providing certification, inspection, technical control and audit services. EUROLAB LABORATORY INC. operates as.

For years, thousands of businesses and many of the leading organizations in their field have been turning a blind eye to test reports and product documentation. EUROLAB trusts its brand.

EUROLAB testing and certification activities, recognized by IAF/ILAC United Accreditation Foundation (UAF), Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) and these institutions Enterprise Accreditation Foundation (EAF) based on the accreditation provided by its institution. The Enterprise Accreditation Foundation (EAF) is also a signatory to the United Nations (UN GLOBAL COMPACT).

Thanks to all these international accreditations it has EUROLAB The reports and documents prepared for all measurement, testing, analysis, inspection, control and certification studies carried out by us are valid all over the world.

EUROLABIn addition to carrying out its work in all fields of activity in accordance with national and international standards and norms, it offers unlimited support with its expert staff to solve all kinds of questions and problems of its customers.