Eurolab Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

EUROLABAt , we believe that the use of principles and value-oriented management practices achieves more efficient and competitive results, thus ensuring profitable and sustainable growth.

Eurolab Mission and Vision

EUROLAB, always strives to be the most up-to-date and most equipped laboratory in the sector. It adopts principles such as closely following technological developments in the world, aiming for the continuous development of its managers and employees, having an understanding that constantly renews and improves itself in technical terms, and serving its customers with an independent, impartial and confidential understanding.

EUROLAB, its corporate reputation is one of our group's most valuable assets and a key component in its service improvements. Objectivity, independence and integrity are therefore the cornerstones of our Code of Ethics.

All these values ​​are shared and supported by our team, so they help us achieve our sustainable and profitable growth strategy by strengthening the unity and harmony of our group.

EUROLAB The code of ethics, together with the rest of the group's Compliance Management System policies, is supported by a comprehensive implementation program to ensure that all employees and managers are aware of internal policies and procedures and that all requirements are effectively met.

EUROLAB's ultimate goal is to meet the tests, measurements and analyzes needed by businesses operating in various fields, public and private institutions in their research and development studies, with advanced devices and the latest technological methods, with its trained, experienced and qualified employees, infrastructure and laboratory facilities, in its field. To be a laboratory with internationally accepted qualifications.