Battery Tests

Battery Tests

As technology grows and market demands continually make batteries smaller and more compact, the dangers associated with their safety increase. EUROLABhelps you ensure your batteries and batteries meet performance, reliability and safety compliance requirements. 

Battery Tests

Today, battery manufacturers and end product manufacturers together face a wide range of compatibility challenges to verify the safety and integrity of their batteries or end products that use them.

EUROLABis your single source for battery testing and certification for all battery chemistries. We help battery and end product manufacturers ensure the safety and performance of their batteries under expected usage and a variety of hazardous conditions to achieve faster market access.

Common battery testing programs consist of mechanical and climatic shock, impact resistance, exposure to extreme temperatures, abuse response, reliability, and performance tests.

Our battery testing and certification capabilities include

  • Lithium-ion Battery Test
  • Battery Safety Test
  • Battery Performance Test
  • Battery Fire and Abuse Test
  • UN Transport Test for Lithium Batteries (UN / DOT 38.3)
  • CTIA Battery Certificate: IEEE 1725 and IEEE 1625
  • IEC 62133, 2. Printing
  • Battery Certificate Program
  • Accreditations

EUROLAB, with its highly expert team and internationally accredited laboratories, Battery Tests It performs all test, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services completely and reliably.