Boeing 787B3-0147 Electric Power Quality and Design Requirements

Boeing 787B3-0147 Electric Power Quality and Design Requirements

The Boeing 787B3-0147 standard, developed by Boeing, an American multinational aerospace company that designs and manufactures aircraft, helicopters, rockets, satellites, telecommunications equipment and missiles around the world, is designed to ensure compatibility of all electrical subsystems on the 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Unlike traditional 400Hz fixed frequency aircraft power, the Boeing 787 uses a variable frequency power system that allows the frequency to vary between 360Hz and 800Hz. Recent updates to this standard place important new requirements on the programmable AC power supply used to test compatibility.

Boeing 787B3-0147 Electric Power Quality and Design Requirements

The Boeing 787B3-0147 standard includes the latest test sequences for all AC power packs. Power assemblies include single and three-phase, variable frequency power assemblies as well as ground handling equipment testing for both 115 Volt AC and 235 Volt AC voltage levels.

The Boeing 787B3-0147 test option is applied for both linear AC power supplies offering superior AC performance and switching AC power supplies offering compact size.

This new 787B3-0147 test option is designed for commercial aerospace product certification and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test labs testing for Boeing suppliers. In addition, manufacturers of AC powered avionics equipment that must certify their products against this standard use this standard to check compatibility in the early stages of product development.

The Radio Technical Commission for Aviation (RTCA) has published RTCA/DO-160E, environmental conditions and test procedures for airborne equipment. This document defines test conditions and procedures for testing airborne equipment and is the standard by which Boeing, Airbus and other manufacturers require testing of avionic components and subsystems. This standard power input contains new tests to address AC harmonic distortion and variable frequency AC power systems issues (Chapter 16). The Boeing 787B3-0147 standard is based on this standard.

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