NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) Tests

NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) Tests

EUROLABis a leading organization in NEBS tests and, together with its expert team, expertly offers all the necessary NEBS tests in its fully equipped laboratories.

NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) Tests

EUROLABsaves you time and money by creating a custom testing program that integrates compliance with national and international legislation with NEBS testing. EUROLAB's one-stop approach eliminates the need to coordinate testing across multiple testing facilities. 

In addition to superior abilities EUROLABis also extremely sensitive in customer service. Regardless of whether it is a mature product or a product in initial design, EUROLAB will work with you to ensure full compliance.

NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) requires products to be evaluated in extreme environments and phenomena. Basic NEBS tests include:

  • Gender
  • Vibration
  • Fire
  • Surge Power Failure
  • Temperature
  • Altitude
  • Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Air Pollutants
  • acoustics

Additional requirements include an NRTL rating for electrical product safety. EUROLABProvides NRTL certification for electrical product safety specified in NEBS and OSHA requirements.

EUROLABhas developed a keen understanding of the complexity of NEBS requirements and each testing program is customized based on factors such as equipment type, installation conditions and location.

These factors should be appropriately addressed prior to testing to avoid expensive and time-consuming retesting. EUROLABremains current on changes in requirements or applicability of the various RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies) so that we can provide the most up-to-date service available.

EUROLABsets the customer service standards by which other laboratories are measured and employs full-time project coordinators who serve as customer liaisons to ensure the smoothest testing schedule possible. Our NEBS coordinators are aware of NEBS requirements and EUROLAB Knowledge of staff, facilities and procedures.

NEBS coordinators work as a team with project engineers and customers. Customer always directly EUROLAB May interface with engineers and NEBS coordinators. The customer can always send a representative to witness the testing.

EUROLAB It has several customer lounges and offers fax, photocopying and internet services. Additionally, our online service provides the customer with the tools to track test progress online in real time from anywhere on the internet.

If abnormalities are found in the test results, the customer will be updated immediately. EUROLAB's experienced professionals will quickly assist in reaching reasonable and cost-effective solutions. Without delay, we can test again to evaluate the solutions. EUROLABSaves you time and money by creating a custom testing program for NEBS that integrates local and international regulatory compliance.

EUROLAB, with its highly expert team and internationally accredited laboratories, NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) Tests It performs all test, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services completely and reliably.