Automotive Tests

Automotive Tests

EUROLAB offers comprehensive automotive testing to help automakers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) ensure the safety, reliability and performance of automotive products for faster market access.

Automotive Tests

What is Automotive Testing?

Automotive testing evaluates the performance and safety of vehicles to ensure that they will function as expected when exposed to expected environmental conditions and do not pose a danger to operators during use. A typical automotive test assessment consists of environmental simulations to reproduce conditions such as rain, salt, ozone, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration; An EMC test evaluation is then made to ensure that the electronic components are free of interference and emit unacceptable radiation levels. These tests are carried out on both final vehicles and components to ensure flawless performance and minimize hazards to the highest possible level.

Automakers, OEMs, and appliance manufacturers today face unique challenges to demonstrate exemplary safety, sustainable quality, and operational excellence for automotive products.

We help you ensure the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of your components, environmental ruggedness and safety to avoid costly design errors and improve time to market.

Our global testing capabilities and custom testing solutions are backed by the latest technology and automation software that help you meet the demanding needs that need to be released. From climatic, dynamic and electrical environments to natural and vehicle-sourced resources, our aerodynamic testing process efficiently brings your product to end use without developing it in accordance with your global market compliance requirements.

Our single source test laboratories can perform all aspects of environmental testing for automotive applications. Also, we can combine multiple methodologies simultaneously to give a complete picture of your vehicle's performance in any potential environment.

EUROLAB has the capability to perform the complete automotive EMC test package for almost any application. With multiple EMC rooms, including a 10-meter room everywhere, our laboratories are equipped to test both individual systems and assembled vehicles.

We can provide testing, evaluation and certification to regional and international EV and EVSE standards. With a wide range of field evaluation and in-lab capabilities, we can help you validate your product for use to relevant industry and OEM standards.

Our Automotive Testing Capabilities

We work with the most respected companies in automotive development to help them achieve electromagnetic compatibility in their vehicles and ultimately bring their products to the market. We can conduct all necessary evaluations, including EMC, OEM testing and Performance evaluations, to help you accelerate your automotive product's journey to market.

  • Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test
  • Automotive Environmental Simulation Test
  • e-Mark and E-mark testing
  • OEM specific tests
  • Electric Vehicle Test
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Test
  • Battery Test
  • Global Market Access

EUROLAB, with its highly specialized team and international accredited laboratories, Automotive Tests It performs all test, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services completely and reliably.