Packaging Tests

Packaging protects products from dynamic, static and climatic effects. A series of packaging tests are carried out in advanced laboratories to ensure trouble-free storage and logistics of products and, accordingly, adequate product protection.

Ambalaj Testleri

These tests are applied individually according to each specific packaging requirements and functions. Factors affecting packaging include climatic conditions, carrier products (eg beverage cans, detergent cans, wine bottles) and non-load-bearing items (eg crisp bags, bakery products).

International standards and norms have been developed for testing packaging and packaging materials. Along with the transport tests, the packaging and packaging materials and the packaging itself are tested and ensured to comply with the requirements.

The requirements and functions foreseen in the packaging planning are very important determining factors during the required packaging tests. The packaging industry works in accordance with international standards in order to make realistic and standards-based explanations.

During packaging tests, for example, edge crushing test and drop tests are performed. Edge crush resistance provides information on the machine direction resistance of a particular carton. It is one of the most meaningful tests for corrugated packaging material. In the drop test, free fall is simulated at the corners, edges and surfaces of the package. This test allows to simulate realistic conditions encountered during shipping.

In the test, analysis, measurement and evaluation studies carried out in our organization, national and international standards and applicable legal regulations are complied with and reliable and impartial results are obtained. Packaging testing services are among the numerous tests carried out in this context.