Waste Water Analysis

Waste Water Analysis

Necessary for life, clean water is one of the most important natural resources on the planet. Wastewater, which is the water used, has become a valuable resource, especially with droughts and water shortages in many parts of the world.

Waste Water Analysis

However, wastewater contains many harmful substances and it is not correct to return it to the environment without treatment. Therefore, the importance of wastewater treatment is twofold: restoring the water supply and protecting the earth from toxins.

There is not enough water in many parts of the world. In this respect, good water treatment processes should be applied so that the treated water can be reused or returned to the water cycle, in short, it is not wasted in any way.

Wastewater contains pollutants from both residential and commercial use. If wastewater is discharged into the environment without treatment, chemical compounds and pathogens in wastewater harm the health of animals, plants and birds living in or near the water. It can also threaten human health by contaminating crops and drinking water. Wastewater treatment is essential to maintaining the health of many different ecosystems.

Properly treated wastewater is a source of water for many purposes. Good wastewater treatment allows the maximum amount of water to be reused rather than wasted. At this point, the importance of wastewater treatment and the tests to be applied shows itself.

In the tests and analyzes carried out in our organization, which has a wide range of technological equipment, trained and experienced staff and applies the most modern methods, national and international standards and legal regulations in force are complied with. Waste water analysis services are among the numerous tests carried out in this context.