Environmental Tests

Environmental Tests

EUROLAB Within the scope of Environmental Tests, it offers a wide range of tests and analyzes that meet international regulatory standards for sensitive analysis of air, water and soil samples.

Environmental Tests

Environmental pollution, water pollution, soil and air pollution have become extremely important problems with the increase in the world population every year, urbanization and industrialization. All this environmental pollution causes serious structural deterioration in the ecosystem and adversely affects all living things on earth.

The main environmental problems that cause the most concern in the world are environmental pollution, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, garbage pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, resource depletion and climate change. Whatever form it takes, pollution is an important environmental problem for the future of the earth.

Any undesirable change in the environment, air, water, and soil is called environmental pollution. These changes can be physical, chemical or even biological changes. The substances that cause this pollution are called pollutants.

In general, environmental pollutants cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they can pose a great danger to consumer, employee and public health. EUROLAB It helps its customers within the scope of environmental pollution and sustainability.

In the test, analysis, measurement and evaluation studies carried out in our organization, national and international standards and applicable legal regulations are complied with and reliable and impartial results are obtained. Among the numerous tests performed in this context, there are services for the evaluation of sporicidal activity.