Environmental Simulation Tests

Environmental Simulation Tests

EUROLABoffers unique testing facilities that will enable you to measure and analyze the durability and performance of your products against extreme dynamic, climatic and environmental events. It helps you deliver high-performance, quality and durable products to any market.

Environmental Simulation Tests

In our environmental simulation lab, we evaluate your products and systems for extreme environmental conditions; We help you to bring your product to end use faster and more cost-effectively without developing it. The test simulates the normal and extreme environmental exposure your product may encounter to verify performance and safety in any environmental condition.

Our streamlined testing process efficiently brings your product from government to end use in accordance with regulatory, military and manufacturer standards. With our automated tests through computer-controlled systems, we can maximize accuracy and repeatability in harsh environmental influences.

Testing programs can include both rapid physical stresses and persistent climatic conditions that can affect the lifespan of a product. Components and systems are subjected to various types of damage and stress, including corrosive, explosive, fungal, seismic, shock, water immersion, heat and ozone exposure. EUROLAB It can simultaneously test for Environmental stress, Physical stress, Extreme climatic conditions and Chemical exposure.

Our testing solutions can take a product from a single laboratory under a variety of environmental conditions to verify safety and performance. Manufacturers are looking to reduce travel costs, streamline testing processes and ultimately speed up time to market. EUROLABHe chooses .

With accreditations to certify products for international markets, EROLAB is a leader in environmental simulation tests. Third party verification is trusted worldwide for quality assurance and helps your product build consumer confidence in global markets.

Environmental testing includes both rapid physical stresses and ongoing climatic conditions that can affect the physical life of the product. EUROLABcan simulate multiple stressors simultaneously to provide a complete picture of a product's environmental performance.

Environmental Simulation Testing Capabilities

Today, global demand for robust, reliable and quality assurance equipment is more than ever. Manufacturers face a wide variety of stringent compliance challenges to demonstrate environmental durability.

  • Shock and Vibration Test
  • Package Testing
  • Drop Test
  • HALT / HASS Test
  • Flame Test
  • Mushroom Test
  • Enclosure Test
  • Ozone Resistance Test
  • Green Energy Test
  • Benchmarking, Competition and Loss Analysis
  • Ingress Protection Test
  • Cable Tests

EUROLAB's Environmental Simulation Laboratories utilize multiple environmental chambers, including several large chambers on both coasts. Hydraulic and electro-dynamic shakers are used for a wide range of vibration testing, from ISTA packaging to seismic compliance testing. Hydraulic vibration systems are capable of full level (Zone 4) seismic simulation

Other EUROLAB Test Capabilities

  • Military Test
  • Battery Test
  • HALT / HASS Test
  • Pack Test
  • Body Armor Test
  • Cable Test
  • RTCA / DO Aviation Test
  • Comparative and Performance Test and Fault Evaluation

What is Environmental Simulation?

An environmental simulation is the replication of climatic or dynamic conditions that occur in various situations to evaluate the ability of a product, device, or equipment to resist applied environmental stressors. It is important to reproduce the expected environmental stressors to demonstrate the robust performance, durability and life expectancy of the equipment to ensure that components or systems do not fail in the environmental conditions where the equipment will be used.

Examples of common environmental simulations:

  • Impact Resistance
  • Drop Test
  • Shock and Vibration
  • Temperature Cycle
  • Flame Test
  • Ozone Resistance
  • Mushroom Resistance
  • Altitude
  • Ingress Protection

Why do I need an Environmental Simulation Test?

Environmental Simulation tests help verify the strength and durability of products and equipment. For products that will be commonly exposed to any of the above stressors, it is important to ensure that they can survive and function through exposure without permanent deterioration in performance. Environmental simulations are used to prove product properties such as waterproof, durable, semi-durable and resistance to fire / flammability.

EUROLAB, with its highly expert team and internationally accredited laboratories, Environmental Simulation Tests It performs all test, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services completely and reliably.