AECTP 230 Climate Conditions

AECTP 230 Climate Conditions

Published within the framework of NATO, Allied Environmental Conditions and Test Publications (AECTP), the purpose of the AECTP 200 Category 230 series is to provide data examples and characteristics of natural and induced climatic conditions affecting material design. For the purpose of this document, induced climatic conditions are ambient environmental conditions resulting from the alteration of natural climatic conditions due to the structure on which the material is used or used.

AECTP 230 Climate Conditions

Brochure 231 provides general guidance on the types and causes of natural and adapted climatic environments and provides information applicable to a variety of material types and platforms. Stimulated environments covered in this brochure include:

  • Temperature (including solar radiation)
  • Gender
  • Air pressure
  • hydrostatic pressure
  • ice sheet
  • Dust and Sand
  • Wetting
  • Erosion by impact

Before referring to other brochures in category 230 bbrochure 231 should be consulted.

Brochures 232-239 cover the different situations where material can be found and follow a standard format. For each state, the characteristics of the relevant evoked environments are described for each set of states that may be valid. The potentially harmful effects of these environments are explained and advice is given on the choice of test methods and severity.

Category 230 supplements, strengthens and expands the information previously contained in the STANAG 2895 standard, identifying the potentially damaging effects of natural and induced environmental conditions on material and providing guidance on the selection of appropriate test methods.

The category 230 brochure series is organized around classes of material elements. Leaflets focus on the effects of the natural environment or the action or process in which environments are altered by environmental factors, environmental conditions, platforms or other material elements that surround them.

When used in conjunction with the AECTP 100 and 300 standards, these brochures provide information on climatic conditions that will enable a comprehensive and cost-effective set of environmental tests (type approval or qualification) to be selected, formulated and conducted in response to the environmental and related requirements of the project.

This standard does not address environments resulting from accidental or hostile conditions, or from nuclear impact.

Among the numerous test, measurement, analysis and evaluation studies it provides for businesses in various sectors, our organization also provides test services for climatic conditions within the scope of the AECTP 230 standard, with its trained and expert staff and advanced technological equipment.