ASTM B117-19 Standard Practice for Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus Operation

ASTM B117-19 Standard Practice for Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus Operation

The ASTM B117-19 standard, developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), defines the apparatus, procedures, and conditions required to establish and maintain a salt spray (fog) test environment. Suitable equipment that can be used is included in the standard annex (Annex X1). This practice does not determine the type of test sample to be used for a particular product or the exposure times or interpretations to the results.

ASTM B117-19 Standard Practice for Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus Operation

This standard describes a salt spray test used to obtain relative corrosion resistance information for metal and coated metal samples exposed to a corrosive environment. Accelerated corrosion testing as defined in ASTM B117-19 is offered in advanced laboratories as part of surface quality and accelerated aging testing services.There maker.

According to the American Testing and Materials Association, this standard is not a test specification per se. Instead, it defines standard practice for operating salt spray (fog) apparatus. This standard presents the parameters and requirements for operating a salt spray test chamber. It explains how to set up and use a salt fog test environment so that results are consistently available from lab to lab and room to room.

The ASTM B117-19 standard does not specify anything about the type, dimensions, shape, or exposure times of the test sample to be used for a particular product, nor does it have any requirements or guidelines for the interpretation of results.

This standard is used in many industries, including the automotive industry, paints and coatings:

There are many different reasons to do a salt fog test. The first of these is to determine the effect of corrosion on the sample. Different metals and surfaces show different amounts of resistance to corrosion, and the ASTM B117 test allows for comparison. It also allows to evaluate the wear tendency of a surface when scratched and the adhesion of its coating. The results from the salt spray test allow to measure how well the metal, surface or coating can resist corrosion.

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