Pressure Drop Test

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Pressure Drop Test

Piping systems are subject to a phenomenon known as pressure drop. Simply put, pressure drop is the total pressure difference between two points in a fluid-carrying network. Pressure drop or pressure loss occurs as a liquid material enters one end of a piping system and exits the other.

Pressure Drop Test

Pressure drop is not necessarily bad on its own. Understanding how to calculate this in a particular pipeline allows a system to be properly designed and variables such as pipe diameter, pump specifications, and types of valves to be used can be determined. However, a particular setup If not designed correctly, negative consequences related to pressure drop can be encountered.

The higher the pressure drop in the line, the higher the amount of energy consumed to maintain the desired process flow, requiring a more powerful motor. Conversely, the lower the pressure drop in a piping system, the less energy is consumed, requiring a lower powered motor. The pressure drop also determines the overall system pressure height requirements.

Gaskets used in equipment such as pumps and heat exchangers have certain pressure limitations. Gaskets have a predefined life cycle when the equipment operates within a suitable range in terms of pressure, temperature, speed and similar criteria. When equipment is forced to operate outside of the optimum range, caused by factors such as overpressure, seals deteriorate or deform and cause leaks in the system. Even after the overpressure event has been corrected, the gaskets continue to leak as they are no longer fully seated.

Overpressure situations caused by pressure drop can raise safety concerns. Processing systems are designed to operate safely and efficiently. If the system piping is small for a particular application, the pump must be large to accommodate the pressure drop. In this case, equipment close to the pump is subjected to pressures higher than acceptable pressures. This can cause ruptures in the pipes and expose them to unsafe working conditions, eg hot liquid products, abrasive cleaning chemicals.

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