Impermeable Fracture Resistance Test

Fracture resistance is the mechanical property of a material when it resists the development of fracture. Fracture toughness is a quantitative way of expressing a material's resistance to fracture when a crack is already present. In general, there are standard values ​​for a particular material. Slow self-sustaining crack propagation, known as stress corrosion cracking, occurs in a corrosive environment above and below the threshold.

Geçirimsiz Kırılmaya Karşı Direnç Testi

Fracture toughness is evaluated in three different modes:

  • Mode I: Opening mode (a tensile stress normal to the crack plane)
  • Mode II: Shear mode (a shear stress acting parallel to the crack plane and perpendicular to the crack front)
  • Mode III: Shearing mode (a shear stress acting parallel to the crack plane and parallel to the crack front)

Permeable surfaces are porous or permeable surfaces that allow water to seep into the soil and substrates. Impermeable surfaces are solid surfaces that do not allow water to penetrate, forcing it to flow.

Urban areas generally contain large impermeable surfaces, which causes a number of environmental problems. For example, contamination of surface waters. When rainwater runs off impermeable surfaces, it collects pollutants. Contaminated water then flows directly into rivers, lakes, wetlands and oceans, damaging biodiversity and creating problems for human health. Also, during periods of heavy rainfall, the impermeable surface generates large amounts of runoff. This causes flash floods and erosion of the stream environment. If rainwater does not find a flow path on impermeable surfaces, stagnant water puddles form. This is also an environmental problem. In addition, ambient air temperatures increase in areas where impermeable surface areas are large.

Examples of impermeable rocks are slate, marble and granite. The grains in these rocks are extremely close, so they prevent water from passing through them. These rocks are also resistant to fracture and in the geological analysis of these areas, resistance tests against impermeable fracture are performed.

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