Ozone Resistance Test

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Ozone Resistance Test

Ozone resistance testing helps you verify the integrity, reliability and performance of your polymer, silicone or elastomer products to maximize product durability and lifespan.

Ozone Resistance Test

Ozone is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in low concentrations in the atmosphere and is also produced by electrical or electromagnetic disturbances in the fields contained. Ozone accelerates the degradation of rubber and plastic compounds, especially in environments that create physical stress on compounds. Degradation, surface static, dynamic cracking can cause significant weakening of a material or cause complete rupture or residual surface tension in polymers when products are subjected to static or dynamic operational stresses.

Whether you are a manufacturer of rubber components or produce products with rubber components, we help you understand your product's ability to withstand exposure to the weather or the atmosphere to ensure the quality of the materials and comply with ozone deterioration standards such as ASTM D1171.

Our ozone testing capabilities and custom testing solutions use cutting-edge technology and automation software to help you avoid premature product failure, ensure product durability, and verify the physical integrity and performance of your polymer products for faster time to market. EUROLAB's aerodynamic testing process and reputation for excellence make it the first choice for manufacturers to test polymer products for environmental durability, intended level of ozone protection, and compliance needs for market acceptance.

EUROLABIt can simultaneously perform Environmental stress, Physical stress, Extreme climate and Chemical exposure testing to help you maximize testing accuracy and ensure product performance during exposure-requiring environmental impacts. With our single-source testing solutions, ozone resistance testing can be packaged with a range of other performance standards, such as Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), to give a complete picture of the durability of your products.

Our ASTM D1171 Testing capabilities include:

  • Elastomeric Check Valves
  • Backflow Inhibitors
  • Gaskets and Seals (Seals)
  • Fiber Optic Cases
  • Electrical Connection Gaskets
  • Outdoor Electric Panels
  • Blinds and HVAC Equipment
  • Aviation and Military Seals and Gaskets
  • Outdoor Cellular Telecommunications Enclosures
  • Architecture and Window Seals / Air Stripping
  • Automotive Electrical Enclosure Air Gaskets / Air Stripping

EUROLAB, with its highly expert team and internationally accredited laboratories, Ozone Resistance Test It performs all test, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services completely and reliably.