Anechoic Chamber Tests

Anechoic Chamber Tests

An anechoic chamber is a closed room whose design blocks outside sound or electromagnetic energy. Originally used to absorb acoustic (sound) echoes caused by the internal reflections of a room, anechoic chambers have since expanded to provide a shielded environment for radio frequency (RF) and microwaves.

Anechoic Chamber Tests

Anechoic means non-reflective or non-reverberant. An anechoic chamber is a room designed to completely absorb reflections of sound or electromagnetic waves. The anechoic chambers are surrounded by an outer metallic shield that provides isolation from the external environment. Commonly used in laboratory testing, these electromagnetically quiet rooms are constructed with echo suppression properties and effective isolation from external acoustic or RF noises. This combination allows workers to be heard only directly (no reverberant sounds), simulating being inside an infinitely large room. In this way, since it is not affected by external or internal reflected noise, the integrity of the experiment performed inside is ensured.

Personnel are not allowed into the cabin during measurements, as they may partially block transmission and partially be exposed to radio frequency radiation.

Potential health and safety risks associated with radio frequency anechoic chambers include:

  • Radio frequency (RF) radiation hazard
  • Fire danger
  • Trapped staff

Depending on the frequency range tested or the size of the objects used in the experiments, anechoic chambers can range in size from as large as an aircraft hangar to as small as a microwave oven.

Anechoic chambers are completely lined with anechoic wedges, including the floor, to create a specific controlled testing environment for professional acoustic testing. Semi-anechoic chambers have the same design and configuration, but are equipped with a solid floor to facilitate testing of large and heavy objects whose typical applications would be on a reflective panel. Both test facilities allow precise acoustic testing to benchmark research and product development against ISO measurement standards.

Our organization also provides anechoic chamber testing services with its trained and expert staff and advanced technological equipment, among the numerous test, measurement, analysis and evaluation studies it provides for businesses in various sectors.