Detergent Analysis

Detergent Analysis

A top-performing detergent combined with the washing machine is the key to getting the laundry clean. Advances in chemical technology constantly affect the formulations of detergents.

Detergent Analysis

This is inevitable as they are under constant competitive pressure. For this reason, it is necessary to test the detergents very frequently, such as odor performance, excellent cleaning performance and excellent washing performance.

The performance of detergents naturally depends on the type of stain and the detergent. Professionals working in surgery, cooks, or those working in a factory are all exposed to different types of stains. The tests to be performed in advanced laboratories differ from each other in this respect.

When it comes to the quality of detergents and cleaning products, one thing clearly stands out: do they clean perfectly? During the tests, the performance of the products is considered not only in terms of cleaning effect, but also in terms of primary and secondary washing effects and important quality criteria.

The main points emphasized in detergent tests are:

  • Removal of natural stains
  • Removal of dirt on dirty fabrics
  • Cleaning effect and dirt dispersal
  • Loss of hardness and chemical damage in the washed product
  • Inorganic or organic fabric covering
  • Preservation of tint and surface protection
  • Preventing color transfer in the washing machine
  • Legibility and clarity of packaging information
  • disinfection effect

In the tests and analyzes carried out in our organization, which has a wide range of technological equipment, trained and experienced staff and applies the most modern methods, national and international standards and legal regulations in force are complied with. Detergent analysis services are among the numerous tests carried out in this context.