EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

EUROLABAs part of electromagnetic compatibility testing, we help you avoid costly design errors and ensure electromagnetic compliance against stringent EMC/EMI regulations, and provide end-to-end EMC/EMI testing solutions that help you avoid unexpected electromagnetic interference and compliance issues for faster time to market.

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

The Electromagnetic Compatibility test analyzes the ability of electronic devices to function as expected in the vicinity of other electronic devices or in the presence of electromagnetic interference that interferes with their intended operation. Today, manufacturers face a wide array of tight-fitting challenges to ensure that products do not emit too much energy and are not susceptible to interference from outside.

In our state-of-the-art EMC laboratories, we evaluate your products and systems according to many electromagnetic conditions. We help you bring your product to end-use faster and more cost-effectively without developing it.

We know time to market is everything, so our global testing capabilities and custom testing solutions use the latest technology and automation software to help you meet the demanding needs that are being released.

Our streamlined testing process efficiently brings your products to end use according to government, regulatory, military or industry standards, depending on your development needs.

All EMC test projects are led by an experienced lead EMC engineer who takes responsibility for the entire project. The EMC project manager will be there to support your project every step of the way through the testing and certification process.

Our EMC / EMI Test Capabilities

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Radiated and Conducted Emissions
  • Radiated and Transmitted Immunity
  • Radiated and Transmitted Susceptibility
  • Radiating Electric Field
  • Radiating Magnetic Field
  • Electromagnetic Field Measurements (EMF)
  • Surge Dips, Short Interruptions and Voltage Variations

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  • EMC Project Management
  • On-Site EMC Test
  • FCC Testing and Certification
  • Military EMC Test
  • RTCA / DO Aviation Tests
  • Protection Effectiveness
  • Wireless Tests
  • Global Market Access
  • EMC Compatibility Test

What is EMC?

EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, is the interaction of electromagnetic energy generated by electronic equipment and the environment. The three main methods of classifying these interactions are Emission, Sensitivity and Immunity.

What are the emissions?

Emissions are generated electromagnetic energy released into the environment and generated by a device or other source.

What is sensitivity?

Sensitivity can be defined as the interference of electromagnetic energy in the environment surrounding a device and the tendency of this electromagnetic energy to interfere with the correct device functionality.

What is immunity?

Immunity is the ability of a device to resist electromagnetic energy in the environment and prevent interference from interfering with proper device function.

Why do EMC test?

EMC testing is done to ensure that devices are designed and specified to operate in electromagnetic environments to which they will be commonly exposed. The test verifies that a device will operate in the presence of electromagnetic interference (EMI), the device will not emit unacceptable levels of electromagnetic energy, and a device will not disturb the function of other nearby electronic devices. A typical test program consists of electrostatic discharge testing, surge testing, and possible on-site evaluations, plus various emissions, sensitivity and immunity requirements.

Our customers benefit from fast and efficient testing and compliance services. You can experience our modern and flexible test laboratories with large capacity and qualified EMC engineers.

Worldwide services

EUROLABprovides comprehensive global EMC testing and certification services within legal requirements for a wide range of product categories. EUROLABis a major international player in EMC testing. Our laboratories are equipped for a wide range of tests. You can choose from a variety of protected areas, anechoic chambers and open field test sites, all equipped to test a wide range of products.

Quality assurance

All laboratory services have international accreditation. Most facilities carry one or more of the following national approvals:

  • FCC approval / listing (USA)
  • Industry Canada approval / list (Canada),
  • GOST (Russia)
  • BSMI (Taiwan)
  • CCIBLAC (China)
  • VCCI (Japan)
  • RRL (Korea)
  • ACA (Australia)

Reason for EMC test EUROLABShould you choose?

  • Fast and efficient T&C services with guaranteed short delivery times.
  • Modern and flexible test facilities with large capacity.
  • EUROLAB Test reports provide well-known readability and easy access to any market.
  • EUROLABKeeps abreast of changes and developments in international standardization such as CENELEC and IEC/CISPR.

Fields of activity

  • Commercial electronics and white goods
  • Radio / telecom equipment
  • Electro-medical devices
  • Marine equipment
  • Submarine equipment
  • Offshore systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Military equipment
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Fire and Safety Equipment

EUROLAB, with its highly expert team and internationally accredited laboratories, EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests It performs all test, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services completely and reliably.