Industrial Inspection Tests

Industrial Inspection Tests

EUROLAB It increases occupational safety by examining processes, equipment and infrastructures. Our goal is to increase the safety, efficiency and reliability of our customers' assets. 

Industrial Inspection Tests

Our knowledge and experience support our clients in ensuring regulatory compliance throughout the entire life of their assets:

  • Statutory audit of lifting, machinery and electrical equipment, fire protection, construction control and site safety, pressure vessels, facility safety and the environment
  • Condition monitoring and Risk Based Inspection ensures the life and reliability of assets (supported by NDT, advanced NDT and mechanized inspection)
  • Expertise and quality control (supported by our material and calibration laboratories).

Why for Industrial Inspection EUROLAB

  • Experienced in working with large international clients and projects.
  • We are one of Europe's leading Industrial Inspection providers.
  • We are one of the few Industrial Inspection organizations that provides a mix of non-destructive testing (NDT), destructive testing, inspection, advanced and mechanized NDT, and asset integrity management services.

Pressure Equipment and Welding Services

With our validated body services, we help manufacturers meet the mandatory assessment and inspection requirements within the pressure equipment, simple pressure vessels and portable pressure equipment directives.

Facility Security and Environmental Audit

The safe operation of plants and machinery, health and safety in the workplace and environmental protection are critical factors.

Fire Protection and Ventilation

EUROLAB's fire protection experts are accredited by all relevant authorities to carry out testing prior to a building being placed into service, as well as to provide ongoing or recurring building inspections and testing.

Electrical Inspection

EUROLABprovides a professional and specialist testing service for all aspects of electrical building safety.

NDT and Advanced NDT

Non-destructive material testing plays a vital role in many industries. In addition to traditional testing techniques, EUROLAB offers a wide range of specialized testing methods.

Mechanized Inspection

EUROLAB's world-class experts help our customers reduce or avoid system downtime, increase safety and efficiency, and reduce the likelihood of unscheduled maintenance or system failure.

Elevator, Machinery, Equipment and Crane Inspection

Machines and equipment used to lift people or goods are subject to strict safety regulations both when commissioned and during operation and maintenance.

Building Control

EUROLABoffers a comprehensive range of testing and validation services in real estate construction and maintenance, based on expert evaluations of construction services, building technology and real estate value.

Destructive Inspection and Calibration

Material testing provides manufacturers with accurate and reliable information about the properties of the components and materials they use or produce.

EUROLAB, with its highly expert team and internationally accredited laboratories, Industrial Inspection Tests It performs all test, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services completely and reliably.