Homologation and UN ECE Automotive Type Approval Tests

Homologation and UN ECE Automotive Type Approval Tests

Automotive homologation is the process of confirming that vehicles or a particular component in a vehicle meets the requirements set by various regulatory bodies. It is obligatory to obtain this approval in order to export automobile products or components.

Homologation and UN ECE Automotive Type Approval Tests

Homologation standards are valid for all kinds of automobiles, especially for environment and safety. Before the sale of motor vehicles, automotive systems and components must be approved according to the official standards of the target countries.

Homologation is the term used for the entire vehicle approval process. Approval is a government-issued certificate that allows a product to enter the market. Initial assessments followed by testing according to standards and directives are carried out until the preparation of verified technical reports to be forwarded to the authorities for final approval.

About Automotive Type Approval and Homologation

When selling your vehicles or vehicle parts in different international markets, you need to get the right approvals according to the legal requirements of your target markets. Our automotive testers offer our customers vehicle or vehicle component homologation to undertake all approval testing and ensure their products are compatible.

In our wide range of facilities, we offer our customers the full spectrum of approval tests, from EU directives, UN ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) whole and UN ECE part type approval certificates to technical reports for UN ECE approvals and tests. All processes are carried out in accordance with national regulations.

Why Automotive Type Approval Tests and Homologation Matter?

  • Vehicle homologation offers many advantages to vehicle and component manufacturers:
  • It allows you to gain legal access to target markets to generate higher revenue.
  • It ensures that your product is delivered to consumers quickly.
  • It allows you to avoid costly penalties and fines for non-compliance or costly recalls.
  • It enables you to increase brand reputation among consumers and regulators by ensuring vehicle safety.

Automotive Homologation for Automakers

Due to the increasing importance given to safety and environmental protection, the number of rules and norms applied to automobiles has increased worldwide. Automobile and spare parts manufacturers and suppliers have to comply with these regulations according to the country/region where their products will go. These standards aim to improve active and passive vehicle safety, protect the environment, as well as improve the quality of the product and production process.

Comprehensive Testing and Inspection for Homologation and Automotive Type Approval

Our homologation services range from full gas and electric vehicles (EV) to functional safety and performance related assistance systems and in-car safety devices, including dynamic control systems, Assisted Emergency Braking (AEB) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and other drivers. includes tools and systems.

Recognized for our expertise in vehicle homologation, we ensure that you comply with the following standards and legal requirements:

  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) – United States
  • European Community (EC) – e-sign is proof of compliance with the directives (laws) mandated by the European Union
  • European Economic Commission (ECE) – E-sign based on ECE regulations
  • Vehicle Safety Certification Center (VSCC) – Taiwan
  • China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) – China

As a compliant laboratory with international and international accreditation, we evaluate vehicles, systems and components on your behalf and prepare the test reports you need to apply for approvals.

EUROLABHomologation Services Offered by

We will be happy to assist you with current regulations and standards to ensure you can sell your vehicle or vehicle parts in your preferred market. From start to finish, we can handle your approval process through various US, European and non-European approval authorities.

Our automotive homologation experts offer you the following and more:

  • Helps you identify technical and legal requirements for your target markets
  • We'll help you identify the approvals you need based on our research results
  • We help you optimize the number and efficiency of required tests
  • We can offer you tailored advice on problems that may arise due to gaps or unclear wording in the legal standards that underpin the test.
  • We will be happy to support you in the approval process from the moment you submit your application to the receipt of your approval certificates.
  • We assist you in the preparation of your manufacturer's documentation for various markets
  • We are happy to support you in obtaining approval for components, systems or vehicles in accordance with US FMVSS, German StVZO, EC directives, ECE regulations as well as other international laws and automotive homologation standards with specific expertise in China, Turkey and Taiwan
  • We provide you with accredited homologation testing service
  • We offer tests in accordance with relevant EU/ECE regulations, DIN and ISO standards, interest groups (e.g. wireless or connectivity equipment manufacturer) or vehicle manufacturer requirements
  • We offer all the necessary assessments and tests to grant EC or ECE type approvals for components and individual technical units
  • We will be happy to assist you in determining the technical and legal requirements for your target markets and determining all necessary approvals.

Our team of experts in homologation and automotive testing is involved in industry organizations and committees that develop regulations and define requirements that new technologies must meet. This gives us unprecedented access to current trends and developments.

ECE Vehicle Regulations

The European Economic Commission (ECE) aims to establish a uniform regulatory system regarding vehicle design. Vehicles that comply with ECE regulations receive an e-Mark, a mandatory requirement for all automotive components and vehicles sold in the European Economic Area (EEA).

By affixing the e-Mark to a product, automotive distributors and manufacturers can freely trade their products within the EEA. An e-Mark proves that your vehicle or component complies with the relevant UN/ECE regulations and can be sold in the EU as well as other regions registered with the ECE vehicle regulations. EU type approval is mandatory for all vehicles as well as a range of automotive systems and components.

The benefits of an e-Mark include:

  • Follow EU standards to get certified
  • Market access to the EU market and other regions covered by UN ECE regulations
  • Unlock growth opportunities
  • Avoid product recalls and lost sales revenue

EUROLABis your global partner for safely exporting vehicles and components to the EU. Our local experts offer type approval and homologation services for various vehicle categories defined in the EU, such as passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and vehicles derived from motorcycles, trailers and agricultural and forestry vehicles.

Obtaining the e-Mark includes a comprehensive assessment of the product's performance as well as a comprehensive assessment of the testing facility. UN /ECE type approval can be complex, so using an independent, third-party technical service team can support you every step of the way and ensure nothing is missed.

After all technical documentation and test report has been completed and the conformity of the production permit has been obtained, a type approval certificate will be issued to the applicants. Manufacturers can then affix the type-approval mark to their compatible components and issue certificates of conformity for vehicles that use them.