Occupational Hygiene and Safety Tests

Occupational Hygiene and Safety Tests

Occupational hygiene is a very valuable science of occupational health and safety that businesses apply to protect employee health. Occupational hygiene ensures that employees are not exposed to health hazards in the workplace.

Occupational Hygiene and Safety Tests

Exposure to chemicals, dust, smoke, noise, vibration and extreme temperatures are potential workplace risks, and managing them correctly and effectively requires scientific studies. In this way, businesses avoid all kinds of industrial problems and provide a safe working environment for employees.

Occupational hygiene assessment generally helps to identify:

  • The nature of the hazard present in the workplace
  • Acute or chronic health effects caused by potential hazards
  • Continuous, intermittent, or seasonal exposure
  • Exposure level
  • Working environment air quality

Studies on occupational hygiene mainly focus on the control and assessment of the following hazards:

  • noise, sound
  • Ergonomics
  • Dangerous materials
  • indoor air quality
  • Radiation
  • infectious disease exposure

Efforts to ensure occupational hygiene are recognized as an integral and important aspect of modern work practice for the following reasons:

  • Improved health and life expectancy of workers
  • Reduction in the number of people leaving work early due to injury or illness
  • Maximized worker potential and lower social and health care costs
  • More efficient work processes and increased productivity

In the test, analysis, measurement and evaluation studies carried out in our organization, national and international standards and applicable legal regulations are complied with and reliable and impartial results are obtained. These studies are based on the latest technological equipment, trained and experienced staff and modern methods. Occupational hygiene services are among the numerous tests carried out in this context.