Dermatological Tests

Dermatological Tests

Dermatological tests are tests that help diagnose allergies, infections, and other problems that affect the skin. In addition, these tests are performed to understand the difference between malignant cells and benign cells.

Dermatological Tests

The most commonly performed dermatological tests include:

  • Patch testing: Patch tests are often used to diagnose skin allergies. In these tests, substances that the person may be allergic to are applied to the skin on the back with adhesive patches and waited for a while. The skin is then examined for any reactions.
  • Skin biopsy: This test method is used to diagnose skin cancer or benign skin disorders. During a skin biopsy, the skin is removed under local anesthesia and taken to a laboratory for analysis.
  • Culture: This method is applied in order to detect the microorganism such as bacteria, fungus or virus that causes the infection. Skin, hair, or nails can be cultured.

Dermatology is a field of health that deals with skin health and the treatment of diseases that affect the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. Unfortunately, many topical application products are not manufactured and tested under expected conditions today. Although many of them are dermatologically tested, there are no uniform standards for what tests should be done to prove that this is true.

The generally accepted meaning of dermatologically tested is with the following claims: relates to:

  • The product has been tested on human skin
  • The formula is generally safe when applied to the skin.
  • Determination by testers that the product is well tolerated and in most cases does not cause skin reactions

However, no information is generally provided regarding the following:

  • How the tests are done
  • How often and for how long the product is used
  • The amount of product applied at any given time
  • Specific body part where the product was tested
  • Data on the results of the test

In this regard, dermatological test results performed in advanced laboratories are of great importance.

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