Global Market Analysis

Global Market Analysis

Global market analysis aims to reduce the time to market your product and increase your product's access to global markets. With comprehensive services, unmatched expertise and a worldwide footprint, we help you reduce the delays and costs of multiple testing to gain market entry to a variety of global destinations.

Global Market Analysis

Each country or region has its own rules and regulations that determine not only which requirements apply to products, but also how product compatibility should be demonstrated. To enter your target markets effectively and efficiently, it is important to understand how to identify applicable regulations and interact with the relevant oversight body.

Our internal network of laboratories around the world EUROLABIt allows us to offer a comprehensive market access solution to almost any target market for almost any product. Whether you target a single marketplace or multiple regional targets, we can help you test, evaluate and document all aspects of your product compatibility in a single test plan.

We help you reduce the delays and costs of multiple testing sessions to gain market entry to a variety of global targets - We allow your products to be certified once and eventually accepted by other targets around the world without the need for further product evaluation.

EUROLAB You can access numerous international testing laboratories through its network, allowing you to test at a location convenient to you, engage local resources for rapid support, and develop a market entry plan with experts on regional approvals and global approvals.

In addition to accreditations from major regulatory bodies in the US, Canada and Europe and recognition under the IECEE CB program, we provide a true single-source market access solution. EUROLAB When you choose to test with , you have the ability to tap into almost any target market, all under one testing plan.

Our extensive laboratory capabilities and experienced staff can help you accurately set current standards and regional approval requirements. After determining your target markets and applicable requirements, we will help you develop a test plan that meets all approval requirements for your product and provide internationally accepted test reports to validate your results.

Below you can read more about the Global Market Access Requirements for your target country and product.

  • CB Chart
  • America BIRLESIK Devletleri
  • Canada
  • Central and South America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe and the Middle East

Expert guidance to help you enter any market

Bringing electrical and electronic products to market in different countries is complex. Our experts provide guidance on compliance requirements and approval strategy for certification in key markets. EUROLABIn addition to a network of partners around the world, we have a homologation team dedicated to international laboratories and global market access to certify your products for different economies.

Our reputation for excellence has been earned through diligent participation in the development of international standards and testing methodologies. We have a strong history of working with local and international committees to create Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) for our clients in all areas of compliance.

EUROLABcan provide almost any type of electrical testing and certification required for the global market. Our accreditations, partnerships and experience in global regulatory matters perfectly position us to navigate the regulatory maze of EMC, Security, Telecom, Wireless and other testing.

What is Global Market Access?

Global Market Access is the concept behind defining and entering target markets where you will sell your product. Access to the global market is made difficult for manufacturers due to non-harmonized standards; This means that a single product can have multiple regulatory requirements depending on the intended sales market. The standards used in Asian markets will be different from those used in Europe and will again be different from those used in North America.

Access to the global market is achieved by meeting the regional requirements in your target country of sale. By designing a product to meet multiple regional requirements or by designing separate product models for various regions, manufacturers can develop products that comply with applicable regional market regulatory standards.

EUROLAB, with its highly expert team and internationally accredited laboratories, Global Market Analysis It performs all test, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services completely and reliably.