Product Tests

Product Tests

Whether for private use or professional work supplies, when you purchase a product you should be able to trust that it meets adequate safety and quality standards. EUROLAB It helps manufacturers, retailers and importers fulfill all valid requests.

Product Tests

EUROLAB At , we test and certify consumer, industrial, automotive and ICT products, as well as medical devices and products used in explosive environments for world markets. Our combination of smart security and connectivity testing gives us an advantage in a world where products must work with everything else.

Our experts examine all types of products for chemical, mechanical and electrical safety. We are happy to advise you as early as product development or when designing your production process. This means you know exactly what will happen at the end of production.

Our Product Testing services provide access to almost all markets by testing and certifying products according to international requirements such as CE, ENEC, CENELEC, IEC and KEMA-KEUR. In addition to focusing on the security of electrical and electronic products, the company also provides services focused on connected vehicles, cybersecurity, Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Internet of Things.

From toys to appliances and furniture, EUROLAB It guides you through the maze of international laws, directives and standards.

We test automobile products and components, accessories, spare parts, tools and working fluids according to all necessary and required standards. EUROLABis a leader and innovator in automotive testing that ensures driver safety in today's increasingly complex vehicles. Conformity and compatibility of state-of-the-art key technologies and 3rd party interests, such as OEM specifications, market or standardization requirements and all necessary international standards, is the core promise of our security strategy.

With industry requirements, fast and reliable measurements and analysis, we support your development department and quality assurance, fully tailored to your needs.

EUROLAB's global testing laboratories and network of experts can help you test your products for electromagnetic compatibility according to international standards. Our test reports show that your devices comply with applicable or requested EMC and RF requirements, setting them up for market access and success without interference.

EUROLAB, with its highly expert team and internationally accredited laboratories, Product Tests It performs all test, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services completely and reliably.