DIN 1 Round End Tapered Pins - ISO 2339 Tapered Pins, Unhardened

DIN 1 Round End Tapered Pins - ISO 2339 Tapered Pins, Unhardened

The DIN 1 standard published by the German Standardization Institute (DIN) describes the requirements for round-end taper pins and defines a test method. Likewise, in the ISO 2339 standard published by the International Standards Organization (ISO), the features of products with metric sizes and nominal diameters from 0,6 mm to (inclusive) 50 mm and the specifications for international standards are explained and an example is provided for assignment (ISO 2339 Tapered pins, not hardened).

DIN 1 Round End Tapered Pins - ISO 2339 Tapered Pins, Unhardened

Tapered pins are often used to position and fix mechanical components. They are held in place using dry friction, making them economical and easy to install. The tapered design of the pin increases in diameter from one end to the other, ensuring accurate and secure installation in tapered holes.

The width at the small end of the taper pins is considered a function of the length and should be specified as the reference size to determine the hole size. These dimensions are calculated by multiplying the nominal length of the pin by 0.2083 and subtracting the result from the desired pin diameter.

It is generally produced as stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. Also available in plain, zinc clear or zinc yellow coated. The highly precise locating pin ensures a repeatable firm seat and exact position when reattached after disassembly.

Briefly, the conical pin is a fastener used in mechanical engineering. They are steel rods with one end slightly larger in diameter than the other. Standard metric pins have a diameter of 1:50. A 1:50 taper means that one end of a 50 cm long rod will be 1 cm smaller than the other end, or a 2 mm taper per decimeter long. Some taper pins have a screw thread on the small end that is designed to stick out of the hole and hold the pin with a washer and a nut.

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