DIN 7603 O-Ring Seals

DIN 7603 O-Ring Seals

Metric copper ring gaskets, defined in the DIN 7603 standard published by the German Standardization Institute (DIN), are a flat round gasket that provides a mechanical seal by pressing between two flat surfaces. Generally, copper and aluminum ring gaskets are produced. This standard defines the dimensions and requirements for o-rings and describes test methods.

DIN 7603 O-Ring Seals

In the mentioned standard, the requirements for o-rings are listed under the following headings:

  • Mechanical properties of stainless steel for o-rings
  • Chemical composition of stainless steel for o-rings
  • Mechanical properties of steel for o-rings
  • Chemical composition of steel for o-rings

Seal rings are mainly in DIN 908 standard. It is used in conjunction with the specified threaded plugs (DIN 908 hex socket screw plug with collar).

The most common application of o-rings is in the automotive industry, often on doors and trunk lids to keep out moisture and other contaminants. Also, many vehicles have gaskets between the engine block and cylinder head that need an effective seal against water ingress.

Gaskets are mechanical parts that fill the space between two or more mating surfaces to prevent leakage from or into the objects being joined, usually while under compression. Metallic gaskets are used to seal in higher temperature and pressure applications where non-asbestos materials will fail. Typical applications are for heat exchangers, compressors, condensers, pumps and valves.

A gasket is formed when the material of the gasket is compressed between two surfaces of a joint or faces of a flange. In this way, leakage or ingress of liquids or gases through the connection is prevented. To seal, the pressure of the flanges on the gasket must be higher than the pressure exerted by the contents of the container.

The gasket is just one part of an assembly. The quality of a gasket is a function of the quality of the assembly. Gasket failure can often be attributed to defects in flanges or mating surfaces. The quality of a gasket depends not only on the quality of the gasket, but also on the quality of the joint surfaces on which the gasket is used.

Our organization also provides testing services for o-rings within the scope of DIN 7603 standard, with its trained and expert staff and advanced technological equipment, among the numerous test, measurement, analysis and evaluation studies it provides for businesses in various sectors.