DIN 918-3 Bolts, Nuts and Accessories, Values, Bolts and Screws

DIN 918-3 Bolts, Nuts and Accessories, Values, Bolts and Screws

The DIN 918 standard, published by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), provides an overview of European standards for various form fasteners.

DIN 918-3 Bolts, Nuts and Accessories, Values, Bolts and Screws

Essentially, this standard consists of the following parts:

  • DIN 918-1 Bolts, nuts and accessories, designations, general information
  • DIN 918-2 Bolts, nuts and accessories, designations, sizing
  • DIN 918-3 Bolts, nuts and accessories, values, bolts and screws
  • DIN 918-4 Bolts, nuts and accessories, designations, nuts
  • DIN 918-5 Bolts, nuts and accessories, designations, accessories

This set of standards has been prepared by the DIN Standards Working Committee, “Reference standards and quality management”. This set of standards provides information on the current state of European standardization of fasteners and includes three tables covering them:

  • EN standards, which are accepted as DIN standards classified by subject area, including the DIN, DIN EN and DIN ISO standards it replaces (Table 1)
  • A list of published DIN EN standards arranged in numerical order (Table 2)
  • A list of DIN and DIN ISO standards issued in connection with the adoption of EN standards, arranged in numerical order (Table 3).

The standard numbers of some European standards that are the same as ISO standards have been changed. This is due to a change in the rules governing the numbering of such European standards. For example, the ISO 4014 standard has been accepted as a European standard (EN 24014). After the revision of the ISO 4014 standard, the revised European standard was published as EN ISO 4014.

In short, the DIN 918 standard includes all European standards for fasteners published on the specified date. Old national standards replaced by European standards are against these European standards.

With few exceptions, fasteners defined in ISO standards, withdrawn DIN standards, and US metric standards are interchangeable. The most important differences are in the M10, M12, and M14 bolts and nuts. DIN standards, ISO and ASME standardsdescribes a hexagon size one millimeter larger than

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