EN 14190 Gypsum Boards - Reprocessed - Definitions, Requirements and Test Methods

EN 14190 Gypsum Boards - Reprocessed - Definitions, Requirements and Test Methods

The EN 14190 standard, a European standard, describes definitions, descriptions and requirements, and provides test methods for drywall products obtained by rework.

EN 14190 Gypsum Boards - Reprocessed - Definitions, Requirements and Test Methods

This standard describes the properties and performance criteria of products obtained by reprocessing gypsum boards manufactured according to EN 520, EN 15283 1 and EN 15283 2 standards.

Rework includes cutting, drilling, edge profiling, laminating and embellishing membranes for functional or decorative purposes, for example attaching fixings including supports for partitions. Examples of rework operations are included in the standard annex (Annex B).

Such products are designed for use in:

  • In wall, ceiling and floor applications where they are fixed directly to the background
  • In systems assembled with the structure to form separate or suspended coatings

These products offer a wide variety of aesthetic, functional and decorative solutions in modular or non-modular design and are customized to suit the intended application.

The aforementioned EN 14190 standard does not cover gypsum board thermal / acoustic insulated composite panels according to EN 13950 standard and prefabricated gypsum board panels with cellular cardboard core according to EN 13915 standard.

In the EN 14190 standard, the requirements are organized under the following headings:

1. Mechanical properties

  • Flexural strength (expressed as flexural breaking load)
  • Stability of ceiling elements
  • Shear strength (strength of switchboard / infrastructure connection)
  • Impact resistance

2. Fire behavior

  • Reaction to fire
  • Fire resistance

3. Water vapor permeability (expressed as water vapor resistance factor)

4. Acoustic features

  • Direct airborne sound insulation
  • acoustic absorption
  • Impact sound insulation

5. Thermal resistance (expressed as thermal conductivity)
6. Dangerous substance
7. Dimensions and tolerances
8. Thermal emission
9. X-ray protection

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